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Jesse L. Carr Regatta

The Jesse L. Carr Regatta is conducted in conjunction with a carefully chosen sailing regatta and intended to recognize the achievement of a sailing crew participating in a one-design portion of a larger regatta.

Among the many trophies offered in yachting competition, only a few recognize the indispensable values and virtues of the championship crew, while at the same time recognizing the organizational ability and talent of the captain. It is the purpose of this Trophy to recognize the essential team relationship between captain and crew.  

Jesse L. Carr Regatta Trophy Recipients

  • 2023 - Ryan Simmons - Skipper - San Francisco / St Francis YC

    • Kristin Simmons, Nicolas Colomb-Picard, Brent Draney, Jon Rosen, Collette Zaro 

  • 2021 - John Aitchison - Captain  - Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle

    • Leslie Aitchison, Jack Aitchison, Phil Blysma, Paul Olivier, Chris Carter 

  • 2019 - Don Whelan - Skipper - San Diego YC

    • Kyle Vaughn

  • 2018 - Manouch Moshayedi - Captain - St. Francis YC

    • Sebastian Moshayedi, Jeffrey Massano, Mike Menninger, Justin Shaffer, Hartwell Jordan, Morgan Gutenkunst, Ben Bardwell, Kieran Chung, Magnus Doole, Bethanie Maples, Ethan Doyle,  Elliott ​James, Jeffrey Causey, Ryan Lynch

  • 2017 - Argyle Campbell - Captain - Newport Harbor YC​

    • Luke Lawrence, Brian Janney, Anton Schmid​

  • 2016 - Shawn Bennett - Captain - St. Francis YC​

    • Eric Baumhoff, Craig Healy, Jon Perkins​

  • 2015 - Ron Wood, Vann Wilson - Alamitos Bay YC

  • 2014 - Jack Mayer - Captain - Del Rey YC

    • Peter Aepesella, Gregory Ball, Anil Bamezai, Skip Korsgaard, Michael Martinez, Al Noel Sansolis, Joseph Vaughan​

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